Thanks to the support of our partners Tahiti Tourism Board and Air Tahiti Nui, the Tahiti Pearl Regatta is also an adventure to be lived through the media.

Developing the sailing sector

It is not only in order to “promote” the TPR or the “destination”. It’s about testifying French Polynesia’s ability, location, dynamism and reliability to develop the nautical sector, being open to the world. It’s helping our local competitors to improve their team sport practice. It’s raising awareness to the nations around us, showing that beyond the Mediterranean Sea and The Caribbean, it’s possible to sail in the South Pacific and therefore, developing the sectors and markets related to sailing and sea.

Press accomodation

The TPR organises the logistics for the press so that journalists and photographers can work in the best possible conditions.We provide:

  • a catamaran for accommodation and for press points,
  • a speedboat to take pictures close to the racers
  • a Press Headquarters with a web connexion at each stopover.
A prestigious event

Sailing and sailing regattas are more and more popular in the global media. With the Tahiti Pear Regatta, French Polynesia enhances its image of an outstanding destination and positions itself in an essential media segment. Each year, magazines for aficionados and professional yachtsmen follow the regatta with a growing interest. These readers often belong to the well-off class, they enjoy great outdoors and high emotions, are open to new culture and appreciate the warm welcome of the Polynesian people.

An international visibility

Every year, journalists from the main international media and from specialized media come to write and broadcast the stories of the TPR. They stress the sporting side of the event, its hearty ambiance and the charm of Polynesia. The web and the social networks also echo the TPR’s success.

Images Broadcasting Amaury Sport Organisation

Since 2016, we took a step: a 26-minute film report shot by the teams of Nefertiti Production — those who signed all the images of the Vendée Globe —, produced and broadcasted by A.S.O which organizes events such as Le Tour de France (multiday bicycle stage race), the Dakar Rally, Paris Marathon or Le Tour de France à la Voile (annual yachting race around the coast of France).

In 2016, we broadcasted almost 90 reports, we spent 43 hours on Air, on 33 channels and networks in 177 countries and territories. A potential scope that outreaches 420 million households in the world!

A.S.O. et l’équipe de production Nefertiti reviennent en 2017 et seront sur terre, sur l’eau et dans les airs pour capturer les temps forts de la régate. Ils réaliseront un nouveau documentaire de 26 minutes et diffuseront des images bouts-à-bouts chaque jour de la régate, utilisables par les médias. Cliquer ici pour faire une demande d’accréditation.

En 2017, la TPR reçoit pour la première fois des journalistes de iQiyi, un site de publication de vidéos en ligne chinois qui annonce des chiffres de diffusion vertigineux.

Media coverage 2016


  • Polynésie 1ère / Fare Maohi (Pf)
  • Polynésie 1ère /JT (Pf)
  • TNTV (Pf)
  • France Ô (Samedi 21 Mai 11h15 Sport Durée : 30min)
  • Ocean TV (Russie)

On radio

  • Polynésie 1ère / Grand Huit (Pf)
  • Radio 1 – Journal (Pf)

Newspapers & magazines

  • Voiles et Voiliers (Fr)
  • Boat US Mag (Us)
  • La Dépêche de Tahiti (Pf)
  • Tahiti Infos (Pf)
  • Air Tahiti Mag (Pf)
  • Reva Mag (Pf)
  • Le Figaro Nautisme (Fr)


  • Chaine Youtube (Int)
  • Sailing News TV (Int) 1 2 3 4
  • Voiles et Voiliers (Fr)
  • L’Équipe (Fr)
  • La Dépêche de Tahiti (Pf)
  • Voiles de st tropez (Fr)
  • The Provence Herald (Fr)
  • World ARC Rally (Int)
  • Polynésie 1ère /JT (Pf)
  • TNTV (Pf)
  • Tahiti-infos (Pf)
  • Polynésie 1ère / Fare Maohi (Pf)
  • Actualités de l’OPT (pf)
  • Photos aériennes en ULM (pf)


  • Promotion
  • Dixit
  • Guide Moana
  • Brochure Nautisme & Charter (GIE Tahiti Tourisme)
  • Guide des Plaisanciers (Port autonome de Papeete)
  • Sites Moorings et Sunsail
  • Site Fédération Tahitienne de voile
  • Salon Nautica Porinetia
  • Salon du Tourisme de Papeete
  • Voiles de St Tropez
  • Salon de la Rochelle
  • Salon nautique de Paris
  • Salon nautique de San Francisco
  • Salons de Dusseldörf
  • Navigateurs en transpacifique
  • Marina de Tahiti et ses îles
  • Yachts Club: Tahiti, Australie, côte ouest USA, Mexique