As usual, the “TPR Village” held in Uturoa on May 7th, will signify the events kick-off. Open to all, the village will offer a bunch of activities on land or at sea during two days.

Day 1

TUESDAY, MAY 07, 2019


10:00 Inauguration Ceremony : show and inaugural speech

10:30 Opening of the registrations, entertainments, harbour cleaning (wharf of Uturoa)

16:30 Closure of registrations

17:00 Dance class: Tahitian rock

Day 2



08:30 Opening of the Village, entertainments

09:00 Opening of the registrations

11:30 Traditionnal dance show

14:00 Closure of registrations and Training race, catamaran and traditional sailing canoe tours

16:30 Closure of the village

17:00 Dance class: Tahitian rock

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About twenty exhibitors are expected at the market courtyard. Among them: artisans, Polynesian institutions, boating and marine professionals and non-profits, such as those of Tama Reva, which funds the actions of Faaroa College’s heritage classes, and the cultural non-profit organization Tuihana, which aims to safeguard natural , cultural and religious sites of the island.

As for new products, do not forget to discover the new TPR clothing collection! Pick up a regatta T-shirt, dress, cap or racer at the official stand. Also enjoy the presence of a massage and reflexology stand at the Village and at the end of every stage of the TPR.

Amazing dance performances

The shows offered during the Village are provided by the heritage classes of Faaroa College. These students won the 3rd prize of the “ori” contest (dance) and the 1st prize of the best dancer during the Heiva Taure’a 2019 (Heiva of the colleges) in To’ata, with their show “Tupaia, from the shadow to the light”.

Tupaia, navigator priest ‘Arioi from Raiatea, accompanied Cook during his trip to the Pacific and served as an interpreter. Tupaia probably succumbed to scurvy in Indonesia far from home. As a navigator with journeys to more than 80 Polynesian islands and mastering ancient navigation, Tupaia has long been forgotten in Polynesia and especially in Raiatea, where its story is gradually returning to the forefront.

Catamaran tours

The TPR offers free catamaran tours to the visitors of the Village in order to introduce young and old to the pleasures of sailing. Free tours registrations are open on the stand of the Raiatea-Tahaa Rotary Club ; they provide great help for the planning of the sailing tours.

Harbour cleaning

On Thursday May 7th , at 10:30 give us a hand to clean the harbour! This event take place every year during the TPR. All the goodwill and volunteers are welcome to help the divers to collect all the waste from the deck of Uturoa‘s harbour.

Moorings and Marinas

At the wharf of Uturoa, many moorings are implemented during the TPR to allow 20 boats to berth. There are also 2 marinas.The Marina of Uturoa, situated 5 min walk from the village and the marina of Apooiti, based North West, with a restaurant and few shops. Additional moorings are set around the island as part of the nautical tourism development of the leeward islands.

Marina d’Uturoa Tél. : 40 66 31 52 – VHF
Marina Apooiti Tél. : 40 66 12 20

Utuora Centre Ville Association

UCV Uturoa City Center is a non-profit that aims to energize and revitalize Utuora’s city center in French Polynesia. The non-profit organizes throughout the year many events, such as carnivals, concerts, film screenings, cruise ship welcoming party … many events that contribute to the promotion and versatility of the commune. This year, it is in charge of organizing the TPR Village. A big thank you to its President Alexandra Krause and her team for their energy and their commitment!