To register for the Tahiti Pearl Regatta, you need a boat and a full crew first. Once these prerequisites are in your possession, you just have to prepare the necessary documents, complete the registration form and send the appropriate payment.

The TPR, how much does it cost?

The rates are:

  • Registration fees:
    • 15,000 FCP / boat (125.70 €) for an individual
    • 50,000 FCP / boat (419 €) with sponsor or business challenge.
    • 10,000 FCP / boat (83.80 €) for a follower boat.
  • Evenings: 2 party packs are available
    • 2 evenings: 12,000 FCP / person (100 €)
    • 3 evenings: 18,000 FCP / person (150 €)

What documents do I need?

You must provide us with the certificate of insurance of your boat.

Are you a FFV or FTV licensee?

You must provide us with a scan of your valid FFV or FTV license together with a medical certificate of sailing suitability.

You are not licensed FFV or FTV?
If you are not licensed, you will be able to apply for a license at the rate of 4000 XPF (33.52 €). The medical certificate of aptitude for sailing remains mandatory in all cases.

I wish to compete in racing

(time-compensated ranking)

You will then need to provide us the scan of the rating certificate of your boat dated less than 3 years.
To obtain a certificate, you can use one of the 2 services below depending on your type of boat:

Demander un certificat monocoque
Demander un certificat multicoque

I wish to compete in cruising

(real time ranking)

In this case, no tonnage certificate is required.

You have gathered all the necessary documents?

Accéder au formulaire d’inscription