The Tahiti Pearl Regatta is organised in cooperation with the Raiatea Regatta association, Archipelagoes and the Tahitian Sailing Federation. This year, they are supported by Uturoa City Center for the establishment and of the TPR Village and related activities.

The Raiatea Regatta Association

Founded by the late Henry Dejust, the Raiatea Regatta association is in charge of the administrative and festive organization of the regatta.

The office is supported by numerous volunteers who take part in the logistics of the event.

Tahitian Sailing Federation

The TPR is placed under the authority of the Tahitian Sailing Federation (FTV) which guarantees that the races are properly run in compliance with the international Racing Rules of Sailing- World Sailing – and is in charge of checking membership, medical certificates as well as as measurement certificates of the racing boats on site.


The Archipelagoes company is in charge of the backstage of the event and occupies the role of general coordinator. She also manages communication, internet tools as well as media and partner relations.