The Tahiti Pearl Regatta is organized together by the Raiatea Regatta Association, Archipelagoes and the Tahitian Sailing Federation

The Raiatea Regatta Association

The Raiatea Regatta Association is in charge of the entire administrative and festive organization.

They are your troops:

  • Violetta, president of the association, in charge of the social committee, still has surprises in stock;
  • Patricia and Gilles, who participate in their eighth TPR, and will organize the boothsand the entertainement of the Village.
  • Christophe alias “Tintin”, our secretary, will be the responsible of the security speedboats and the leader of the shuttle team with his mate “Panpan”;
  • Hervé, our Treasure, in charge of registrations and all numbers that sail around this incredible event;

They will be helped by some enthusiastic volunteers: Fanny, Roxanne, Julien, Thierry, Maryline, Patrice, Alexandre, Patrick, Iloa… who will be the behind-the-scenes workers with big hearts for this beautifun event.

Tahitian Sailing Federation

The TPR is governed by the WS rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing and is under the watchful eye of the Tahitian Sailing Federation.

The Race Referee

The race referee team consists of a race committee ( including M.Kohrel, also principal race officer of «les voiles de St Tropez », his wife and M.Beaufils, president of the St Tropez yacht club, while the protest committee and the handicap recorders are formed with Tahitian Sailing federation members and Tahiti Yacht Club members.


The Archipelagoes team, on back stage, is taking care of the TPR communication, the media and the sponsoring.