French Polynesia is composed of 118 islands, spread throughout 5 archipelagos. It is a watery playground that covers 5 million square kilometers of ocean! This unique destination is dreamed about by all sailors, who hope to someday sail throughout this islands, discovering all of their richness. 

The Society islands and especially the Leewards islands show and ideal water expanse for an easy and entertaining sailing. They present the particularity not to be affected by the tide – which makes sailing much easier – and to be all surrounded by large lagoons protected from swell.


The heart of the most ancient Polynesian civilization, Raiatea also stands out as a landmark for nautical tourism. A 150m-long wharf awaits the visitors, along with all the necessary facilities and services: marinas, boat yards, suppliers, etc. The main town of Uturoa has all amenities and is located near the Appoiti marina. The Uturaerae technical zone offers services such as maintenance and marine supplies. From many other anchorages, one can swim, dive, surf, navigate up the Faaora river and of course, visit the sacred marae of Taputapuatea which is renowned in the whole Polynesian triangle to Hawaii and New-Zeland.


Raiatea’s little sister, the vanilla island, generously offers its authenticity and its sheltered anchorages. It is possible to sail around the island. Patio, the main village, has an infirmary, a bank and some stores (grocery). Tapuamu Bay, the most sheltered bay, with its accessible basin, includes water and fuel supply. The village of Vaitoare can be reached through a concrete wharf in front of which you can anchor. In the deep Haamene Bay, mooring is possible in front of the village.


With its silhouette evoking a woman lying on her back, its quiet villages and its wild nature, Huahine generously offers its charms to the visitor. While sailing around the islands, ships will anchor in superb pristine bays, like Otaioro, Port Bourayne and in the sumptuous Avea Bay, reef side. Fare, the main village, has shops, restaurants, banks and a market for local producers.

Bora bora, the pearl of the Pacific

Vaitape offers all the amenities (shops, restaurants, health center, gendarmerie, post office …). The docks are only reserved for official boats and airport shuttles and hotels.

On the other hand, moorings are available by reservation from restaurants and yachts-services: Bora Bora Yacht Club, Maikai Marina Bora Bora, and Bloody Mary’s …

On request also different services (accessible pontoon, water, ice, bike rental, washing machine, internet, shops, free transfers …).

Other recommended anchorages:

  • Topua and Tapu islands (swimming, snorkeling)
  • Teveiroa (sheltered, sandy and shallow bottoms, coral gardens)
  • around the Pitiaau and Taurere islets (sandy bottom, snorkeling site,
  • or on the side of the island Tofari (beautiful view of Mount Otemanu)